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I’m still hoping that Koei Tecmo decides to do an Atelier Warriors game that they’ve hinted a bit at. Sterk may look best to fit in with those types of games, but you know you’d want to play as the main alchemists in that kind of game, too, throwing those bombs and other stuff you can make in the games around to fight enemies. ~

They could even bring back characters from the really old Atelier games. 8D


Hyrule Warrriors: Features Trailer

We see gameplay for all currently revealed characters.


I updated my shop with some more postcards (mostly Zelda haha)! I made JC's much coveted Yoko up for grabs too!

Zelda set (special price ^0^)

Assorted postcards 



"If you can’t see the love in my eyes, come a little closer."

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If you don’t think cats are awesome you are wrong. Sorry, it’s scientificly proven.

breastplate; the only signed work of Giovan Paolo Negroli (Italian, ca. 1513-1569) (x)

(Source: candlewinds)